Why Work with HUG

Well, because we’ve created a group of reputable companies that are ready to work as a team or individually to help you create your content in a whole new way.

  • One company for you to onboard for production, post-production, audio, photography, and creative services.
  • Exclusive representation of award-winning local and international directors and photographers and access to a range of talented editors and post-production artists.
  • Transparent collaborative approach from the first phone call to final delivery.
  • One dedicated contact to oversee all aspects of your project every step of the way ensuring clear communication and efficient process.
  • Speed to market. Very quick response time throughout the process.
  • Scalable model with each team custom built to suit the needs of each project.
  • Budget efficiency and transparency.
  • Experienced producers skilled at problem-solving and working at a wide range of budget levels.
  • Access to top level creatives who understand the power of a good idea to suit your brand.
  • Long standing relationships with the best local and international suppliers to the film industry.
  • Financially sound company known for professionalism, honesty, fairness, and a collaborative approach to business.
  • Institutionalized commitment to diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our work.